Biohazard Waste Solutions in Tampa, FL

Following Industry Best Practices

Biowaste Solutions, Inc., is a biohazard waste service you can trust to efficiently and safely manage your hazardous waste in Tampa, FL. When we pick up your business’ biohazard waste, our experienced team brings all of the necessary equipment to complete the job. Our advanced equipment helps your medical waste to be disposed of safely and sanitarily.

To dispose of the waste, we will first pick it up from your location and take it to be sterilized offsite. Things that can’t be recycled, like gauze or needles, are sterilized using an autoclave. By utilizing steam, the autoclave creates such a high temperature that no bacteria can remain in or on the waste. We may choose another appropriate method to sanitize the rest of the waste.

Throughout this entire process, our experienced team will adhere to the highest levels of safety and professionalism. We are CDC and OSHA compliant, taking the time to follow every regulation. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction the entire time.

Choosing a Quality Biohazard Waste Service

At Biowaste Solutions, Inc., we customize our services around your unique needs. We are cost-effective, and all of our services and pricing are upfront. What you see is what you get — with no hidden fees snuck in.

We offer a variety of service options, perfect for every type of waste disposal needs. We don’t offer contract services; instead, we offer daily routes, weekly routes, or PRN (on demand) pickup. Whatever option best fits your needs and budget, we can help you with.

Beyond waste pickup scheduling, we are also flexible with our payment options, and we accept credit cards.

Choose quality biohazard waste solutions from Biowaste Solutions, Inc. Our accessible staff and high-quality service will exceed your expectations. To get started with a free quote, call us at (877) 649-9977 or fill out our contact form.