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Cost-Effective Bio-Medical Waste Management in Central Florida
Since 1994, Biowaste Solutions, INC. has been a reliable medical waste transporter in Central Florida, including the Orlando and Tampa metro areas. We offer 100% compliant and cost-effective bio-medical waste management solutions with no hidden fees or fuel charges so that you will be well-aware of the money you’re spending.

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Are you concerned about privacy while disposing of your sensitive documents? Let us help you. Our e-water recovery ensures compliant destruction and disposal of all your sensitive documents with utmost security.

We also specialize in the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals without violating the State and Federal regulations while safeguarding our environment and children.
Biowaste Management
Biowaste Management

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Our skilled team has extensive field experience and is fully equipped with advanced equipment to perform the job right.

We offer no long-term contracts, and the prices are locked in during the length of short-term contracts.
Please reach out to us for additional details regarding our services.

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