Biowaste Solutions in Clearwater, FL

Serving All of Central Florida
If you run a medical facility in Clearwater, FL, make sure that you have the right biowaste solutions in place. Contact Biowaste Solutions Inc. for reliable disposal of bio-medical waste. We are compliant with all OSHA and CDC biowaste standards and offer flexible and convenient disposal services.

Bio-Medical Waste Disposal

Whether you run a laboratory, a hospital, or a prison infirmary, pharmaceutical and biohazardous waste must be disposed of according to local and federal laws and regulations. Proper disposal eliminates risks to people and the environment, risks that may include the spread of contagious diseases.
When you opt for effective biowaste disposal from Biowaste Solutions Inc., you choose to work with a team that will handle your waste with care and ensure every safety standard is met.

We’ll ensure that items like sharps, used gauze, pipettes, and other items contaminated with biowaste are sterilized properly, enabling them to be disposed of safely. We can even recycle certain items to benefit the environment.

Convenient and Flexible Services

We at Biowaste Solutions Inc. understand that different facilities produce different amounts and types of waste, and therefore need different biowaste solutions. We will work with your schedule and needs, whether you require daily, weekly, or intermittent pick-up services. We can even safely and efficiently dispose of important documents, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

To request a quote for our services in Clearwater, FL, contact us online or call (877) 649-9977.
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